Someone once said “anyone who ever accomplished something great didn’t do so alone.” Here at Hope Springs Church we have many who help make Hope Springs great. Here is the lead team that helps us do so in some specific ways. 
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Rev. Billy Greene

Lead Pastor
Pastor Billy Greene has been leading Hope Springs since August 2015. He graduated from Faith School of Theology in Maine, in 2009. He completed his Bachelors in Art and Bible Theology with a Major in Pastoral studies from North Point Bible College in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 2010. Pastor Billy was a full-time youth pastor for 6.5 years in North Central Mass. He  grew up in Central Maine. 

Rev. Renee Greene

Assistant to the Pastor
Worship & Women’s Pastor
Renee Greene has been leading Hope Springs with her husband, Pastor Billy, since August 2015. She graduated from Faith School of Theology in Maine, in 2009. Renee completed her Bachelors of Art and Bible Theology with a Minor in Music in 2010. Prior to 2015, she pastored a youth group alongside her husband. Renee has extensive experience leading worship and team leadership. Renee grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jenna Barnett

Hope Kids Director

Jenna has recently joined our team. We will be providing some more details soon. 
 Youth Ministries  
Sam, Teagan and Ben are 3 college interns who are mentoring for ministry and leadership. They are providing a safe, secure and engaging youth culture for teens.

Christine Schiavetti

Christine is our church secretary. She comes with 36 years of experience working for the department of disability services, where she cared for those with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. She has a heart for those who cannot help themselves. Christine is always in the know and should be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.